Micro-needling (also known as mesotherapy) means “fine stitches” — and that’s exactly what it’s all about: With needling, the facial skin is treated with a derma pen or roller. This is equipped with many fine and very short needles that minimally damage the skin.
This action signals that there is a skin violation that needs to be repaired. The idea behind this is that micro-injuries stimulate the skin tissue to renew itself faster, which reveals fresh skin.
In addition, the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid is stimulated, and this can sometimes reduce wrinkles. However, that takes time. Several applications at intervals of three to four weeks are necessary for visible effects.
Micro-needling, as a tightening factor for the skin, also leads to finer pores and can stimulate a reduction in blemishes, especially in the case of acne scars.
A great advantage of micro-needling is the preservation of the natural thickness of the skin and the creation of permanent protection against external environmental influences. The best results are obtained by adding additional serums or hyaluronic acid.
Micro-needling should not be considered for skin cancer, acute herpes infections, psoriasis, diabetes mellitus, for fresh scars or acute acne infections and when blood thinners are taken.

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