Magnetic therapy

In the field of naturopathic medicine magnet therapy or magnetic therapy is a practice using magnetic energy in the treatment of physical disorders, focusing especially on the relief of pain and inflammatory processes in the body. Magnet therapy involves applying weak magnetic impulses to the body which are generated by special devices in order to accelerate healing processes.

The use of magnetic impulses is a new treatment option in physical medicine and an alternative approach to pain management, commonly used in therapies designed for patients with rheumatic diseases, orthopedic problems or inflammatory disorders.

The effectiveness of magnetic field therapy is based on the assumption that the cells of the human body consist of magnetic and electric fields, meaning they are magnetically charged. Thus, cell regulation and tissue function are controlled by internal electromagnetic currents which in disease states are altered but can be favorably influenced by the external application of magnetic impulses.

Magnet field therapy takes effect by causing movement of the ions within the cell, which results in a realignment of the cell. By regulating and normalizing the internal electromagnetic currents of the cell the application of magnetic impulses affects the acceleration of metabolism and thus boosts overall health.

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