Isokinetic exercise

Isokinetic exercise is a revolutionary training method to achieve fast and effective success. It increases muscle strength and is an effective, but gentle exercise for painful joints. Isokinetic exercise is used for rehabilitation and recovery and is performed on a specialized rehabilitative exercise device. This computer-controlled exercise device offers more than twenty movement patterns collecting objective data, monitoring the therapy and providing information on the state of muscles and joints.

The exercise consists of strength training performed on the specialized device called Isokinetic which produces a constant speed independently of how much force the patient exerts. The main effect and basic therapeutic principle of Isokinetic exercise is to perform and measure actions according to torques in various angular positions (accommodating resistance) at a presectable and fixed speed (set by a therapist).

Mainly, the training effect is an attempt to speed up the training. Since speed and intensity of the exercise can be determined according to the individual needs, Isokinetic training is a form of safe workout and an important therapeutic tool to define muscle strength increase and activity in targeted muscle groups.

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