Vitamin Infusions


Vitamin Infusions

Amino-Vital-Infusion: This form of vitamin infusion is aimed at strengthening the immune system. The treatment is particularly recommended as preparation for the cold winter months or the pollen season. In addition, people who frequently suffer from infections or chronic inflammatory diseases can benefit from the immune boost. The vital infusion contains vitalizing amino acids and has a mood-enhancing effect. The infusion is also helpful in promoting muscle building.

Detox basic infusion: With this variant of vitamin infusion, the liver is supported in detoxification. Accordingly, the Detox Boost can also be helpful in coping with a hangover.

Beauty Drip Infusion: This infusion contains suitable amino acids that stimulate collagen synthesis and help the skin to regain suppleness and elasticity and the hair is strengthened.

Perfect Age Drip Infusion: This infusion combines all the necessary amino acids and micronutrients to compensate for deficiencies in the body. Cell regeneration is also improved and the complexion shines.

Mito-Energy Infusion: This type of vitamin infusion is used after an illness, as well as before or after operations. The infusion is also helpful in the event of a lack of energy or an increased need for protein — for example, due to a vegan diet or exercising weight training. By sensibly combining micronutrients in the infusion, the mitochondrial metabolism can be boosted and the synthesis of ATP (vital energy and fuel for the cells) is increased.

All health therapies can be carried out currently only in compliance with the applicable 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) or with a daily negative test.

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