The Vibracussor is a manually adjustable device used by trained therapists to release blockages in joints and tissue structures, relieve muscle tension and stimulate nerve tracts, reflex zones, and trigger points. The device allows a targeted adjustment treating only the segment that is not in the correct position.

Treatment with the ArthroStim device. Working with the ArthroStim device avoids joint cracking and twisting and can be applied in different positions.

With a frequency of 12 pulses per second (12 Hertz), it removes the pressure on the nerves, transferring energy to the affected area in order to bring segments back to their proper place. It is a high-precision adjustment that is fast and uses very little force. The ArthroStim device is FDA approved. It was developed by IMPAC Technology in Oregon and has been continuously reviewed and improved over the last 20 years.

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