Vibracussor and ArthroStim


Vibracussor and ArthroStim

Included among the important devices used in physical therapy and chiropractic are the Vibracussor and the ArthroStim.

The Vibracussor is a device for releasing blockages in joints and tissue structures, for muscle relaxation and stimulation of nerve tracts, reflex zones and trigger points by means of a rotating and vibrating movement.

The vibration creates a loosening of the fasciae and muscles and thereby dissolves the possible adhesions within the muscles.

The ArthroStim device sends gentle impulses to the area to be treated by tapping back and forth, and the nervous system picks up this stimulus and passes it on to the brain. There the information is processed and answered and positive changes in muscles and bony structure are achieved via the nervous system. This way, there is no cracking in the joints and no segments are twisted. The technique can be used in a wide variety of positions.

Due to the flexibility and a large number of attachments available for these two devices, they are particularly suitable for treating a wide range of patients of both sexes and can also be used on sensitive parts of the body.

All health therapies can be carried out currently only in compliance with the applicable 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) or with a daily negative test.

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