Papimi therapy


Papimi therapy

The body comprises millions of cells. If the body cell becomes too weak, the cell voltage drops, and there is disharmony in the organism. Papimi enables the necessary energy supply precisely at this point.

The inventor, Prof. Dr Panos Pappas, assumes that Papimi increases cell tension and restores its natural level.

The magnetic fields generated by the Papimi magnetic impulses, which penetrate the body through magnetic ion loops, ensure that the inside of the cell is stimulated and dynamized. The resulting increase in the membrane potential of the cells means that they renew themselves, and the healing process in the body accelerates.

PapImi or magnetic pulse devices are used mainly to eliminate pain of all kinds, acute or chronic, inflammation and oedema. The ion induction therapy system works with magnetic fields inside the body up to a depth of 20 cm.

The treatment is used for different indications. The most common indications are orthopaedic in nature, such as the postoperative healing of implants or degenerative dysfunctions of the skeleton, spine and musculoskeletal system.

The treatment’s significant advantages are that the nano-impulse action can cause shrinkage and necrosis of colon cancer cells and stimulate the cells to recover and regenerate. In addition, the treatment has a pain-relieving and pain-relieving function without any side effects. Active substances (e.g. drugs) can also be better distributed and absorbed.

Papimi can be used alone or in comvination with other therapies and reliably supports the natural healing processes.

During Papimi treatment, a magnetic loop is placed on the body, and the impulses penetrate via this loop for approximately. 9-10 minutes. Such a Papimi session includes 4-5 units.

A Papimi treatment is not suitable for patients with cardiac pacemakers or cardiac problems, or pregnant women.

All health therapies can be carried out currently only in compliance with the applicable 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) or with a daily negative test.

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