Myovision spine scan


Myovision spine scan

The Myovision device is a modern, computer-aided diagnostic device (developed by David Marcarian). It is possible to measure the surface tension of the muscles and determine whether the spine is functioning optimally.

With this method, nerve blocks are localized, with the results documented and controlled. The examination is painless and without radiation exposure and is therefore particularly suitable for children and pregnant women.

The Myovision Scan precisely measures and documents the skin resistance, and the muscle activity of the neck and back.

This temperature measurement takes place along the spine and helps the chiropractor recognize temperature differences in the body. These often appear in the areas that are particularly stressed, and critical points in the spinal column load and posture-related shifts can be recognized and treated.


Duration of Myovision scans: 20 min (measurement and evaluation)

All health therapies can be carried out currently only in compliance with the applicable 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) or with a daily negative test.

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