Hypoxia (IHHT)

Intermittent Hypoxic- Hyperoxic Therapy (IHHT) is an oxygen therapy based on short-term sessions of low (hypoxic) and high (hyperoxic) oxygen air breathing intermittently delivered via breathing mask. The patient relaxes while the breathing mask alternately withdraws (stimulation phase) or supplies oxygen (recuperative phase) from and to the body at controlled intervals. This highly effective oxygen therapy stimulates numerous biochemical processes in cells, activating self-healing processes within the mitochondria that lead to cell regeneration. In addition, it stimulates the production of Coenzyme Q-10, a key enzyme in maintaining the cellular oxidative balance and correct functioning of numerous cellular reactions.

Intermittent Hypoxic- Hyperoxic Therapy (IHHT) is not only a technique for athletes to improve performance in sports but is also a suitable treatment for in all cases of chronic and degenerative neurological conditions and diseases. It affects the general well-being, offers quick pain relief and activates healing processes in the body.
This therapy also achieves positive results in cases of depression caused by rheumatic diseases or FMS.

The benefits of Intermittent Hypoxic- HyperOxic Therapy (IHHT) are optimization and balancing of cell energy, increased physical performance and energy, strengthening of the immune system, improved sleep quality, general well-being and stress tolerance.

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