Foot and gait analysis


Foot and gait analysis

The core of the foot and gait analysis at the Body Health Center is the visual documentation of the movement sequence when walking and the geometric measurement of the leg position when standing, walking and running.

It takes place on a special mat, on which digital footprints are taken and, with video support, the foot position, the foot statics, the foot shape and the foot line, and the running style and corresponding changes that lead to discomfort or reduced performance are visible. The wrong running style is a common cause of long-term orthopaedic complaints.

The foot and gait analysis supports the diagnosis of misalignments of the leg axis, foot misalignments, leg length differences and posture errors and enables the feet, Achilles tendons, knee joints and hips to be examined and treated holistically. Misalignments of the feet or knees can thus be recognized and treated at an early stage.

A video-supported running analysis on the force plate can therefore be used regeneratively as well as preventively.

Duration of the foot and gait analysis: approx. 20 minutes (measurement, analysis and diagnosis)

All health therapies can be carried out currently only in compliance with the applicable 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) or with a daily negative test.

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