The therapeutic use of electricity is mostly referred to as electrotherapy and considered a firm component of physical therapy. Electrotherapy includes treatments using electrical signals to decrease pain and improve physical functioning. The term electrotherapy involves any kind of delivery of mild electrical (sometimes also electromagnetic) impulses to transfer energy to the body and is also known as Electro-stimulation Therapy (E-stim) or Microcurrent therapy.

Electrotherapy is mostly used in addition to manual therapy as it has been shown to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Thus, electrical stimulation promotes healing and regeneration and helps to remove muscle and joint pain.This is why electrotherapy is highly recommended for any adult who suffers from muscle or joint pain. Furthermore, it is suitable for patients with restriction in motion due to injuries to the musculoskeletal system or other musculoskeletal conditions and peripheral nerve disorders, particularly in case of paralysis, chronic inflammatory diseases, arthrosis, muscle pain and joint aches.

It is strongly suggested that patients with peacemakers and other metallic implants are not exposed to electrical stimulation. Electrotherapy is also not recommended during pregnancy or while using intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs).

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