Pain is often not caused by the changes in bones, muscles or ligaments, but because the processing of the impulses in the body does not work properly.

Chirotherapeutic grip techniques (from the Greek “cheir” = hand) come into play here, and high-energy impulses are used to briefly suspend pain processing and restart the system.

So-called blockages are the root of all many problems. These include displaced bones, hardened muscles, and pain, among other things. The chiropractor tracks down the causes and removes the blockage. To do this, his hands press on bones and muscles with specific grip techniques, and he transmits impulses to the affected joint, moving it minimally. In this way, he can bring the nervous system back into balance. The body’s own self-healing powers are activated, and regeneration processes are set in motion.

Chiropractic can be used for various diseases such as sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, headache, cervical spine syndrome, scoliosis, joint problems, overuse syndromes, hyperkyphosis and hyperlordosis many more.

Duration of chiropractic therapy: approx. 90 min. (Anamnesis, manual massage, chiropractic)

All health therapies can be carried out currently only in compliance with the applicable 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) or with a daily negative test.

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