Hydrogen facial treatment


Hydrogen facial treatment

Hydrogen treatment is a non-invasive method of skin renewal.

The hydrogen process combines the removal of dead skin cells and the deep cleansing of the skin after an acid peeling, with a subsequent dermal infusion of active ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins or hyaluronic acid.

Here, the moisture content of the skin is increased, the complexion improves and hyperpigmentation is prevented.

Hydrogen treatment is a four-phase process:

Step 1: Skin ablation using a device that removes dead skin cells so that healthy skin can be seen.

Step 2: An acid peel is applied to soften the deposits in the pores.

Step 3: This is followed by deep cleansing with a kind of “mini vacuum cleaner” that sucks loosened sebum deposits out of the pores.

Step 4: Finally, there is the moisture booster for the skin, consisting of antioxidants, hyaluron and various vitamins.

Colour light therapy and optional lymph drainage can then promote the self-regeneration of the skin and the relaxation of the tissue.

After the HydraFacial treatment, make-up should be avoided for the rest of the day, and sun, solarium or sauna should be avoided for the following three days.

For an effective result, it is advisable to repeat the HydraFacial every four to five weeks in order to permanently improve the complexion.

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