Cryolipolysis – Chin


Cryolipolysis – Chin

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive cold process to reduce fat tissue in certain areas of the body by means of cold.

The effect of the treatment is that the cold supply in the fat cells freezes fat and this leads to a reduction in fat volume. Since fat cells are more sensitive to the cold than other types of tissue, freezing the fat tissue is an effective method of reducing fat deposits on the stomach, legs, buttocks, double chin, hips and upper arms.

For this purpose, cooling panels are attached to the skin and these radiate cold to the fatty tissue under the skin in a controlled and targeted manner. At the end of the cold phase, the treatment area is cleaned and dried and massaged manually. The treatment is almost painless, but the cold can be perceived as uncomfortable at the beginning of the treatment.

After the treatment, there is often sensitivity to touch and slight tenderness, as well as redness, swelling and bruises in the treated area, which can last for a few hours to days.

The treatment is particularly suitable for small fat deposits, the so-called localized obesity in people of normal weight.

Cryolipolysis is not suitable for weight loss or for severely overweight people. It is not a substitute for liposuction.

The treatment is also not suitable for the following disorders: hives, skin diseases, wounds, bleeding or impaired blood circulation in acute or chronic infections, with diseases of the liver and kidneys, diseases of the immune system, during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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