Cellulite treatments

Cellulite impacts a large number of people, mostly women, and is caused by fat cells pushing up against the skin through the connective tissue that holds skin and muscle together. There are many treatments to improve the condition that appears as dimpled skin (also known as “cotton cheese or orange peel skin”) primarily on thighs and buttocks of women.

In its area of body contouring and fat reduction, Body Health Beauty recommends a powerful combination of shockwave, vacuum and radiofrequency therapy to visibly improve the complexion. The combined therapy has the power to reach through deeper (subcutaneous) tissue layers and thus have a powerful impact on the targeted fat cells. Shockwaves have a high (adjustable) tissue penetration power and can be focused on the targeted tissue area with effects similar to a lymphatic drainage. As a result, the fat cells are no longer pushing towards the connective tissue which usually causes the dimpled skin appearance and thus a smoother complexion is created.

In addition, vacuum and radiofrequency therapy increase blood and lymphatic microcirculation while strengthening the connective tissue. Special “suction/pressure” massage techniques in which the skin is sucked under pressure in a vacuumlike manner make it possible to reach through to the fatty tissue helping to detoxify and drain it. Eliminating harmful substances from the deeper tissue layers leads furthermore to a tissue reconstruction and production of new collagen in the targeted tissue area.

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