Carboxy therapy


Carboxy therapy

Carboxytherapy is a procedure based on the circulation-enhancing effect of CO2 (carbon dioxide).

Here, gas is injected into or directly under the skin, where it is evenly distributed and stimulates the microcirculation in the tissue. This is based on a simple chemical process, as a result of which the pH value in the blood drops briefly and the body reacts to this with increased oxygen production. This leads to an expansion of the blood vessels, at the same time releasing growth factors and thus promoting the formation of collagen.

The treatment is largely painless, but the pressure when the gas enters can lead to a slight feeling of tension or “tingling” under the skin. Temporary redness or small bruises are possible, but these will recede of their own accord after a short time. The introduced gas is quickly absorbed by the body.

Since no active ingredient other than carbon dioxide is injected, allergies or intolerances are almost completely ruled out. The effect of carboxytherapy is based on an endogenous process. Accordingly, the result is extremely natural and there is no need to fear overcorrection.

The first results are already visible after one application, the complexion becomes fresher, the skin looks firmer. Depending on the extent and size of the areas to be treated, the carboxytherapy must be carried out several times at intervals of two to three weeks in order to achieve a long-term effect.

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