Anti-cellulite body treatment


Anti-cellulite body treatment

Ninety per cent of all women are affected by cellulite (also called orange peel). But what to do with cellulite and which anti-cellulite method is the most effective and can unpleasant dents on the thighs and buttocks on the skin be treated? The answer is yes!

The professional cellulite treatment with the combination therapy of shock-wave, vacuum and radiofrequency therapy can improve the complexion and reduce the volume.

During the treatment, fat cells in the deeper tissue layers are reached and reduced in size. The fat cells are split open by the shock wave, which creates short, focused pressure waves that penetrate the tissue and act like lymphatic drainage. As a result, the fat pockets in the skin no longer push through the thin skin of the connective tissue, so that a smooth overall impression is created.

With the support of vacuum and radiofrequency therapy, the blood flow to the connective tissue is improved. A suction/pressure massage is used, in which the skin is sucked into its deepest layer of the subcutaneous tissue and massaged. Pollutants flow away and the rebuilding of existing collagen and connective tissue is stimulated.

The skin appears smoother, firmer and more elastic.

The anti-cellulite treatment cannot be carried out in the event of an existing pregnancy, with thromboses, diabetes mellitus, cardiac arrhythmias or varicose veins.

The treatment can be repeated weekly and approx. 8-12 sessions in a row are recommended.

Duration of the treatment in one hour.

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