Anti Aging Wrinkle Treatment


Anti Aging Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle Treatment anti-ageing therapy aims to reduce wrinkles. But how do wrinkles form? With age, the skin increasingly loses moisture and elasticity and becomes slack. This creates lines for thought, laughter and anger, and parts of the face can sink. With an anti-ageing treatment, these wrinkles can be minimized and the appearance refreshed and rejuvenated.

The thermal effect of radiofrequency affects the upper and lower layers of the skin, so it can be used effectively as an anti-ageing treatment.

During the course of the treatment, controlled hot impulses, which are generated by electromagnetic fields, are directed into the tissue. The collagen fibres of the skin contract as a result of the warmth and are intended to shorten the distance between the dermis and muscles with a tightening effect.

In addition to the formation of new collagen and the reduction of the depth of wrinkles, the heat should also stimulate the blood circulation in the skin, which results in a fresh colour and improved skin texture.

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